Quickstart Guide

The pynautobot package is a Python SDK for retrieving and managing data in Nautobot. The following demonstrates how to connect to and interact with the Nautobot REST API.


Apps: The root level interfaces in Nautobot (IPAM, DCIM, etc.). Apps are represented by the App class.

Models: The second level interfaces in Nautobot (IP Addresses Devices, etc.). Models correspond to tables in the Nautobot database, are represented by the Endpoint class.

Endpoint: The class that represents Models.

Records: The rows associated with a Model’s database table. Records hold the data stored in Nautobot. Records are represented by the Record class.

Entries: See Records.

Fields: The column names associated with a Model’s database table. Endpoint objects use these as keyword arguments for some methods. Record objects use these as attribute names.

Plugins: Additional Apps added added to the Nautobot deployment that are external to provided Nautobot package.