Updating Records

Modifying the data in a Record is accomplished by using a Record’s update() method. This method accepts a dictionary of field/value mappings (Ex: {“description”: “Provides access to end hosts”}). A boolean is returned to indicate whether updates were made to the Record. The below example shows retrieving a record using the get() method, and then updating fields in the returned Record object.

>>> nautobot = api(url=url, token=token)
>>> device_roles = nautobot.dcim.device_roles

>>> # Get the record object for the access-switch device role
>>> access_role = device_roles.get(slug="access-switch")

>>> # Show existing values for name and description fields
>>> access_role.name
'Access Switch'
>>> access_role.description

>>> # Create a dictionary to update the device role fields
>>> access_switch_updates = {
        "name": "access switch",
        "description": "Provides access to end hosts",

>>> # Show using the update method on the device role
>>> access_role.update(access_switch_updates)

>>> # Show that the fields were updated on the existing device role
>>> access_role.name
'access switch'
>>> access_role.description
'Provides access to end hosts'